LA VITE: Vivissimo Vino Frizzante

Vite Estate – Vivissimo “Sparkling Glera”
 Veneto, Italy
 20 liter Key Keg

Bianco Frizzante

Grape variety
100% Glera


when the grapes have reached peak ripeness they are carefully selected and softly pressed. The must is cooled and clarified using flotation technique. Once the alcoholic fermentation has taken place, the wine is again cooled to between 10-12°C and after 8 days it is collected, thus obtaining the sparkling white wine base.

Sparkling wine technique
the base wine is sterile filtered, the necessary sugars and selected special yeasts are then added and all is placed in autoclave to re-ferment until the desired bar pressure of 2.00-2.50 atm is reached

Storage and ageing
in a dark humidity controlled cellar at a temperature of 10°C.

light straw yellow with persistant bubbles always in the glass.

fine, elegant, dry with hints fo apples and banana and white wild flowers.

lightly bubbly and acidic, slightly sapid and very inviting.
Lasting perlage.

Alcohol content
10,5% vol.


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